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2005-03-10 - 7:12 p.m.

A girl walks into a bar...

Finally after days of slaving over a slow modem they are here! Pics!

Sleigh Ride Time

Our hostess Weetabix addressing the troops as we set out for the sleigh ride.

Kelly and Jess take a break.

Lisa Marie looks for a photo op.

Kelly the horse whisperer.

Bad Bar

Weet gets us started with a little Dancing Queen action.

Boone's Farm is definitely Jake's downfall.

Window Dancing

Jake again with Mare and part of Penny.

The Jason.

The lovely Danielle surveys the scene.

Kelly and Jess, together again.

Jessie & Jake, Trance and The Jason get wild in the window.

The Jason and Paul pose for one.

Jessie & Mare chat with Scotty and Eric.

Cheri and Boston Mary watching the show.

Kelly joins the locals to boogie on the bar.

Almost Closing time.

Trance, Jessie and Kelly in the Window. Weet, The Jason and Mo at the bar.

To   &   fro

"The beauty of grace is that it makes life unfair."

-Matthew Thiessen