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2005-03-07 - 12:41 p.m.

A bit of Cheese and a Very Bad Bar

Back again from an excellent adventure to Weetabix's World. Despite only 48 hours in Green Bay I can hear myself talking oddly - something about the o's is just not right. I'm also fighting the desire to add "Yah" to the end of declarative sentences. I'm striking back with an extra helping of Hons.

I sitting in my little cube at work typing in textpad because the network is hosed and enjoying Jen's New Wave Never Gets Old mix. The weekend was way too short.

Man what to say about this awesome gathering. First off props to the hostess with the mostest Weet!. This lady throws one hell of a kickass party. From meeting the planes to helping the alcoholically challenged to introducing us to the local culture this lady is totally faboo! Second to the local talent - Man am I having a hard time with this! I want to recognize each of your special superpowers without being too schmoopy. Let's just say you guys made me feel like a fantastic combination of honored guest and best friend. And though they'll never see this I just have to say that Ward & June are pretty darned amazing and that woman puts out a heck of a good spread (for her daughter-in-law's internet friends yet!). What amazing good people. For my fellow travelers - damn you guys ROCK! 'Nuff said.

I discovered that I drink like a grown-up which is good and bad. I got a nice buzz but definitely paced myself. I stuck to a limited range. It meant I didn't try too many new things but definitely helped avoid unpleasantness. I totally amazed myself by closing down bars two days in a row - which I probably haven't done since college. I didn't know I still had the stamina. Plus it seems I know a lot of the artists for "It's Elvis F*cker", but I really need to learn the lyrics to at least a couple songs so I won't be such a pooper at Karaoke. I will never hear "I'm sailing away" the same way again.

So my highlights (abridged) ...

Check in - The Jason! Polite conversation with a total stranger (which in Baltimore we call being annoyed by a tipsy weirdo).
The sleigh ride - Sam & Joe. Liquid Candy Cane. Snow Angels. Romance! (Congratulations by the way!) June's Booyah, and Marcus's excellent Old Fashioneds. (They were better than at Eve's just a little less ice, please).
Karaoke - DAMN you guys can sing! The Jason's interpretive dance.
Saturday (pre-bar) - Al's beat up burgers. Marry, F*ck or Kill in Eve's - sureal considering the other clientelle.
The BAD Bar - Hmmm the whole thing was pretty exceptional. Dancing Queens. Carissa & Pennyliscious. "It's Elvis F*cker". Humping on the Dance Floor. Learning the Glen Burnie butt dance 4 states away. Lots of Boobies - Collect the set & trade them with your friends! Kelly dancing on the bar. Hot Nancy, Hot Jason & Dave. Plus I'm real sorry I missed the Ms PacMan incident!
Sunday - A two hour rotating breakfast followed by some damn good chili and sad goodbyes.

Pictures to come ...
So when are we doing it again?

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"The beauty of grace is that it makes life unfair."

-Matthew Thiessen